Jeff Howes Golf Design provide a wide range of services from Golf Course Analysis, Golf Planning, Golf Course Redesign and 3D Modelling of Golf Courses.


Site Analysis: – Soils / Water / Climate / Slope / Vegetation

Prior to purchase the site should be examined. It may not be necessary to cover all of the above (each site is different and unique). Potential Clients / buyers should be aware of all potential merits and problems a site may pose prior to any financial outlay and Jeff Howes Golf Design can aid in this area.

Golf Course Routing

Here, at Jeff Howes Golf Design, we understand and appreciate the importance of a good solid routing. From it the locations of all other elements associated with a golf course e.g. clubhouse / maintenance building, car parks etc will be determined. For us the golf course would always be the 1st priority as it is the primary reason people join golf clubs. They ultimately do not join a Golf Club for excellent catering, salubrious clubhouses, exterior clubhouse landscaping etc – whilst they contribute to the overall experience it is the golf course itself that is the initial attraction. Therefore it demands the constant attention of those who manage the facility and should always be foremost in the clients & architects mind when setting out the route of the golf course.

Construction Cost Estimate

Jeff Howes Golf Design because of our extensive experience can very accurately estimate the potential construction cost of a project. To do so requires considerable knowledge of industry rates, modern construction techniques & methodology as well as experience of various climates & cultures.

Project Team Compilation / Co-ordination / Management

We also offer clients the option of Project Management. This can take the form of simply pulling together the design team of Building Architects, Engineers, Irrigation Consultants, Agronomists etc, to co-ordinating these elements prior to commencement of construction and finally to managing all members of the Design Team once construction has started.
Such a service allows the client to choose if they wish to have a minimal, partial or complete control of the project.

Detailed Strategy, Contour, Staking, Tree Clearing and Landscaping Plans

In order to commence construction of a golf course we would typically develop and compile plans which would indicate the location of all greens, tees, fairways, bunkers, lakes etc – half (0.5m) contours – tee / dogleg & green centre points – areas of tree clearing & planting.

Tender Documents – Bill of Quantities / Technical Specifications

It would always be prudent to circulate the Construction Drawings, the Technical Specifications and the Bill of Quantities to a number of suitably experienced and competent Golf Course Construction Contractors to achieve a favourable price. We would supply the client with these necessary documents.

Scheduling and Programmes to Completion

In order to ensure a project is delivered on-time and within budget requires comprehensive Scheduling & Programmes to Completion. Without predetermined final goals, short-term & medium-term achievement points it is easy for a project schedule to slide, fall behind and ultimately cost more – with Jeff Howes Golf Design proven techniques and controls this possibility is kept to an absolute minimum.

Tender Analysis

After tendering contractors have returned their completed Tender Submissions we would always assist the client to interpolate the bids and determine the best in terms of experience, quality and cost.

Site Visits / Inspections

It is our policy to ensure that our plans are implemented as per our drawings and we achieve this by conducting regular quality control site visits and inspections.

Existing Golf Course Redesign

As well as new golf course projects we undertake redesign, remodelling & restoration projects.

Provision of a permanent On-site Design Co-ordinator during Construction Stage

Should the client require us to provide a full-time on-site presence we can accommodate this request. The main advantage of having a Jeff Howes Golf Design member on-site at all times during the construction would be that immediate design issues could be addressed and schedules / budgets kept on track.

Master Planning

A MasterPlan is drafted to ensure the maximum potential of a property is achieved and planned. MasterPlans can be compiled for new and existing golf facilities.
For new developments it may involve the designation of land parcels for the clubhouse, the maintenance facility, for possible real estate elements such as hotels, leisure centres, housing, apartments, villas, mixed use premises etc.
For existing golf clubs, a MasterPlan would highlight where improvements / changes to the golf course and its’ facilities may be made. Typically such changes would include new greens, tees, fairway bunkers, lakes etc but could also comment on drainage, irrigation, general maintenance issues.

PGA / European Tour / WGC Professional Tournament Course Set-up

Should your golf course have the honour of hosting a PGA, European Tour, Challenge Tour, LPGA or WGC event then we would be able to advise on the optimum golf course set-up in consultation with the Tour Agronomist and the Course Superintendent / Greenkeeper.

Advice Post Construction Consultation Service

Our involvement with a golf course would not normally end once the course has been constructed and opened for play. We would normally stay in touch with the Course Superintendent / Greenkeeper and / or Secretary Manager to advise on issues which may arise as the course matures.

3D Design – Flybys, Yardage Books, Imagery, Press Packs

To help promote the golf clubs we have developed we have introduced a range of golf products which can be either hardcopy in the form of golf course Yardage Books & golf Press Packs and computer based in the guise of web-based golf course flybys and digital course photographs. We also have the ability to convert a golf course into a pc game which can be sold online.